Compressor Washer Machine with lower carbon footprint in the environment

Raising Standards, Soaring Skies

At Nediar we believe that ideas have more value when they are shared, that is why we created Nediar INNLab, an open research, development and innovation laboratory that seeks to develop new business models through an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation based on open innovation. We want to take on new challenges that allow us to build ideas that generate disruptive value propositions, consolidate new business models in the market and develop sustainability in the environment.


As actors in the aeronautical sector, we carry the responsibility of moving towards a more sustainable horizon by promoting eco-friendly innovations. We recognize the importance of harmonizing our operations with respect and protection of the environment that surrounds us. We strive to lead the transition towards more sustainable practices, promoting developments that not only minimize environmental impact, but also establish new standards of excellence in aeronautical sustainability.



At NEDIAR, we are firmly convinced that the synergy of capabilities catalyzes the agile development of solutions. This collaboration enhances our ability to innovate and adapt quickly to market demands.



Our technical knowledge acts as our backbone, providing a solid platform for continued growth and innovation. This robust foundation allows us to explore new frontiers and respond effectively to emerging sector challenges.


Technologies 4.0

Market dynamics evolve at accelerated rates, which is why we remain at the forefront through the adoption of 4.0 technologies, thus ensuring an agile and effective response to new challenges and opportunities.

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TCP Trainers

Discover our exceptional aerospace training through our versatile aircraft mockups.

Augmented Reality in the industry

We offer innovative and disruptive solutions that generate value for our clients in their processes.


Ofrecemos soluciones innovadoras y disruptivas que generan valor a nuestros clientes en sus procesos.

Special teams

We offer innovative and disruptive solutions that generate value for our clients in their processes.

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