Anti tipping

Tool used on the lower part of the empennage of ATR 72/42 aircraft to prevent it touches  the ground during a possible decollement during boarding and deboarding.

Avianca Col. mockup A320-A330

Hybrid full cabin mockup for A320 and A330 aircraft for  main door opening and closing training. Simulation events such as cabin fire and depressurization.

Training of Cabin Crew (CT) on-board service, procedures and emergency evacuation of the aircraft and simulation of slide/raft evacuation.

Adjuster kink seal

A tool used to locate the top fold seals of the hypersustanizer surfaces on A320 aircraft.

ATR 72 mockup

Mockup for opening and closing training of main and service doors, and simulation of emergency evacuation of ATR 72/42 aircraft.

Avianca Col. DT B787

Mockup for Boeing 787 main door opening and closing training. Simulation of events and emergency evacuation of the aircraft.

ATR 72 stand

Work bench access to cargo area  and engine of ATR 72, used  for mounting, maintenance and general overhaul procedures.

Intake stand

Multipurpose access work bench for inspection and maintenance of the Intake section in  jet engines of Airbus A320, Boeing 787 Trent 1000, etc.

Boats and sliders

Inflatable boats and slides made with tailor-made material for cabin crew and/or pilots training in different emergency cases.