B206 work bench

Access work bench for engines and main rotor of Bell 206 aircraft, used for maintenance of: engines, engine mount and general maintenance and repair procedures.

Reverse side stand

Work bench for transport, maintenance, repair and general services for  the thrust reversers of Airbus A320 V2500, CFM56 and CFM LEAP engines.

FAP trainer

The FAP Trainer provides a new way of teaching to the instructor, in which the attendants will be able to interact with systems dedicated for handling situations in an aircraft under normal or emergency conditions.

Pressure washer

Potable water pressure washer. Equipment used for washing or supplying any type of machine with hot or cold potable water.

IFA mockup

Mockup of the main door and emergency window of the Airbus A320 for opening and closing training.

IDG dolly

Bench for removal, maintenance and installation of the IDG (Integrated Drive Generator) of the CFM56 engine.

INEC A320 replica door

A320 low cost replica door. Adaptation of replica door for mockup  to simulate cabin events with real door opening and closing procedures.

UH60 Inverter

Electrical inverter that converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC), providing voltage stability, low harmonic distortion, suitable  performance against vibrations and temperature variation.

This device simplifies the connection of equipment that requires the use of AC, ensuring continuous operation of coupled equipment  independently of  the charge of its batteries. The inverter allows a fast and safe attachment providing a versatile location in a suitable place inside the aircraft.

B787 Ballast

Rollover containment ballast system used  during the removal of Trent 1000 engines of Boeing 787 aircraft.