Mechanical Arm

Detailed simulation of the movement of a mechanical arm with 6 degrees of freedom for tasks such as welding, clamping or assembling different parts.


Virtual experience for F-AIR 2019  to share our portfolio of products and services in the aeronautical sector.

Financial-Accounting Laboratory

The Financial-Accounting Laboratory is a simulator that faithfully recreates each of the most common business processes students face in the working world.

Teamwork, efficiency and theoretical/practical knowledge are just some of the skills  the laboratory seeks to stimulate, through the processes for company creation, payroll, and sales, among others.

Logistics Laboratory-International

The logistics international laboratory is a learning space where students learn in the first line about the entire chain of processes involved in the logistics of selling and marketing of a product. Students also can learn how to import/export products and services to other countries, and successfully carry out an international negotiation.

Fire extinguisher simulator

Virtual Reality (VR) fire extinguisher training, focused on the correct use and handling of extinguishers for fire extinguishing.


Virtual experience focused on the pit-stop tire fitting process of a Moto-GP driver.

Industrial Plant

Bench for the inspection and maintenance of the wheels of the NLG (Nose Landing Gear) of the Embraer 190 aircraft.

High-risk work simulator

High-risk work simulation, with special emphasis on raising awareness of the bridge crane overhead risks.

Anti tipping

Tool used on the lower part of the empennage of ATR 72/42 aircraft to prevent it touches  the ground during a possible decollement during boarding and deboarding.